New Stuff on the Way

[Shoutout to MB who made my new logo.  Thanks, brosef!]

So, how about that weather?

Just a year ago I wrote about how we Finally Left Arlington.  And now we've gone and abandoned the DC Metro Area all together.  No more Beltway, no more Wisconsin Avenue light after light after light, no more wtf event is going on that shut down Canal THIS TIME....but also, no more Ray's, Palena, 2 Amys, or Pete's, our latest go-to.  No more once in a while splurges at places like Komi or Restaurant Eve.  

But alas.  We will visit.  Our blood, friends, pals, puppy friends (Tiki and Ella to be exact), Tweeps, and the leader of the free world still live there.  Here is Tiki, wishing we were watching football with him.  Or Twilight.

 For now, we're getting settled.  We have stairs for the very first time, and more than one bedroom and bathroom.  A far cry from the studio apartment we shared in Dupont Circle south just 5 years ago. 

Tim Carman thinks the NY Times picks on DC (love this article by the way, and I love how EVERYONE I follow on Twitter re-shared it.  Go Tim!), well hun, you don't want to hear what they say about RONY (Rest of New York.  Like RoVa but not.).   But I'm going to do my best to find what's fun, yummy, cool, different, comforting, and downright delectable in the greater NY Capital Region. 

Other people do it, and I've been enjoying their blogs for a few months now.  I have a customized Google map full of places I want to try (also: supermarkets, banks, post offices....).  There's a year round greenmarket nearby, plenty of CSA options (even a Community Supported Bakery--I bet DC wishes Miz Modern Domestic would get on that!), and a brand spanking new Dinosaur Bar-B-Que (although I intend to head to Syracuse for the original, too).  I expect spring and summer will bring lots of day trips and weekend getaways to the Catskills, Adirondacks, Green Mountains (Vermont), and the environs.  Mountains = rich people with country homes = good food.  Until then, sandwiches at lunch spots, strip mall sushi (it was great, don't knock it), and places we can  ::gasp:: walk to.  If we wanted to.  If it weren't 20 degrees and brrrrrr cold.  But hey, it's cold everywhere this week, right?

I hope all 10 of my subscribers don't unsubscribe.  If you hang on a bit, I'll warn you if I decide to change my Twitter name and my URL.  For now I'll leave iEatDC, since it's who I've been Internet-wise for the past 3.5 years.  Stay warm, drink tea, and have some soup.

P.S.  If you move somewhere cold you have an excuse to buy great boots and outerwear.  Exhibit A.

P.P.S.  Here is a giant bowl of beef stew that I got for $4 at the joint around the corner.  Because I know you read this blog for the food, not the boots.  Review pending; we need to have brunch there first (obviously). 


  1. The logo is cute. Tiki is cute. Boots are cute. Everything is cuuuuuuuuuuute!

  2. SAD!!! I'll miss your DC reviews...but don't worry - I won't abandon you! :)

  3. I'm just fine with posts on great boots! Nice job on the new logo too!

  4. Welcome to the neighborhood. We should grab lunch, and I can give you the skinny face-to-face. That is assuming you are not allergic to kids.

  5. Looking forward to it, FLB. I'm happy to report that I'm not allergic to children, penicillin, nuts, or anything else that's commonplace. Just kitties.

  6. I like the new Title. Looking forward to hearing and reading more. You'll have to come to NYC!