I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas! (Or at least got out of work early on Friday to jumpstart the weekend.)

We recently found ourselves starving in between errands at Latham Farms.  A quick Yelp (with both positive reviews and non) brought us to Bella Napoli.  We needed a sandwich, and frankly, it was 3pm.  Not really time to sit down at most restaurants.  I was encouraged by the description of Italian subs and desserts with a little market.  Sound familiar?  But don't go there.  This is not the Italian Store.  On the downside, the bread is way too soft for me, and on the upside the line wasn't 40 minutes long.  At Italian Store I'm all about the hard roll, and I'm not the only one.  But it is a decent, inexpensive sandwich with a little pack of chips and a pickle, and the bakery case is good for staring.  With the move and many weeks of an interrupted exercise routine, we decided to forgo the doughnuts this time.  Apparently their doughnuts are delicious when warmed

Bella-Napoli Italian Bakery
672 New Loudon Rd
Latham, NY

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  1. Oh man - you just reminded me of the epic lines I saw at Bella Napoli before Christmas. Lines out of the door. Craziness. Happy ho ho!

  2. Aiyeeee. I hate when this happens. But I'm glad to get a chance to clear the air. You know, before any damage has been done.

    I would no sooner attempt to warm a Bella Napoli donut than I would try to warm a HoneyBaked ham. I know what happens with the ham, and likely a similar fate would befall the donut.

    To clarify, the Latham location once had oddly cool donuts. If I came into possession of these, I would let them get to room temperature before eating. But really the best solution is to go upstream to the Bella Napoli in Troy where the donuts are actually made.

    K. And I do believe you will be pleased with the area's selection of Italian delis. As you found, despite the presence of sandwiches, this isn't one of them.

  3. Don't worry--I'm not a big donut buyer or eater. If I'm going to eat baked goods, I'd prefer them to be homemade.

    We're happy to make some mistakes along the way. Italian delis, we're comin' to getcha.