The Roundups of Roundups

 [Snow-covered road on our way to work this Monday.]

Happy New Year!  (Almost.)  Is anyone at work?  I'm not; I'm on furlough.  No one knew what that meant two years ago.

Anyhow, I've never been one for year-round-ups or New Year's resolution posts.  My last three years of end of December posts were about Chanukah at Equinox, finals and my Tassimo, and dinner at Rasika.  The past first posts of the new year were Leaving Arlington, Boulevard Woodgrill Brunch, and Postcard from LA.  It's as if I didn't even realize we were having a new year or something.

I'm not going to start rounding up my own nonsense now.  I make lists like that on other, random days of the year.  Instead, I welcome you to another kind of roundup.  The roundup of roundups.  Some are food, some are not.  Some are DC, some are elsewhere. 

DC Wrapped Dates lists a bunch of items, including most hyped DC restaurants, most underrated, best bang for your buck, etc.  I commented on my opinion.  Seems like DCWD and I could almost always eat together, just not at Northside Social.

DCLovesFood rounds up what she is calling the food of 2010: bacon.

Abbey talks about the food she ate this year that she will never forget.

Wendalicious on the trends she sees coming or expanding in 2011, including food trucks in the Capital Region--I won't hold my breath.

The Profussor's best things eaten (for the first time) in 2010, including ribs at Dinosaur Bar-B-Que.

Cara picks her husband's favorite dish from each month.  3/12 are shrimp.  The man likes shrimp.  Also, readers top 12.

Annie's Eats Best of 2010 part I (I assume Part II will follow shortly), including a white pita bread I'd love to try out (h/t SS).

Endless Simmer's Top 10 New Foods of 2010.  That fried Elvis amazingness photo gets me every time.

The Atlantic's 10 Biggest Food Stories Of the Year.

Corporette recounts some of the favorite Wear To Work suggestions.

From Best Week Ever, the 10 shows of 2010 that never should have been on TV.

Mrs. Foot recaps her 2010 home projects and renovations.  My favorite is the buffet!!!

Best music of 2010, from Slate.

NYTimes 10 Best Books of 2010.

Do you have a roundup to add?  Leave it in the comments, plz.

And because you were patient and this post is otherwise devoid of photos, my favorite sandwich of 2010:
[Ernest's.  Brigantine, NJ.]

See you in 2011!


  1. I love SS for introducing me to Annie's Eats. So drool worthy!

    And thanks for featuring me :)

  2. Thanks for the link love! Yes, the man does love shrimp :)

  3. It looks like you're not in DC anymore, but if you are, we should definitely have a meal together. And also meet.

  4. You're MY favorite sandwich of 2010.