Dining Guide - My thoughts

Here you can find Tom Sietsema's 10th Dining Guide, for 2009.

My quick thoughts (because you care, really):

- Poste. Love it.
- Corduroy. Obvi.
- Rasika
- 2 Amys
- I've never been to Volt, but I <3<3<3 Bryan Voltaggio on Top Chef. And that's enough for me!

- I don't love Jaleo. Maybe I've picked the wrong dishes, maybe it's inconsistent, or maybe it's just not the kind of food I like (I doubt the last one because I love love love most kinds of food).
- Eventide. Yep, I just can't really agree with you there, Mr. S.
- The service at Zaytinya can be spotty, and S confirmed that I'm not crazy when I say that sometimes dishes are CRAZY salty! And other times they aren't (I've made 7+ trips). So it's been weird, I actually stopped recommending it to people. But maybe I'd still rec for brunch, when it's quiet. It used to be one of my favorites, but it's turned love/hate. Not sure if Mike I. has anything to do with it sort of subconsciously.

A few amazing restaurants that would be on MY dining guide list but aren't on Tom's: Vermilion, Brasserie Beck.

And if Inn at Little Washington gets on, where is Town House in Chilhowie? Not worth it? Too far? How far is too far? Ethical questions, people. We're going to Town House next week, and I can't WAIT to tell you what we think about it!

(on the sooner side)
The Inn, Komi, Minibar, and Present. Prob Present is the one we'll go to soon--we drove by it the other day and did a forehead smack, "Ohh that's where it is!"

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  1. Sorry to spam you with comments. I just found your blog and am feeling nostalgic for DC food. I have to trump your choice of 2 Amy's b/c eating-in with that chipotle-esque tinny echo is unpleasant. I would much rather dine on the same type of pizza in the basement of Pizzeria Pardiso in Georgetown, especially with their AMAZING beer list.

    Have you spent any time on H Street at places such as Dr. Granville Moore's? That'd definitely make my all-timers list.