FTC Starts Schoolin' Bloggers!

You can read about it here, here, here, or here.

And this is the part where I reveal to you, after 170+ posts and 2+ years, that I...don't take free stuff. Except for the same amouse bouche that's offered to the other diners, if it's that sort of establishment. I get emails from people being all like "come to my super expensive event and I'll give you a few tickets to give away on your blog," and it's not that I'm anti-contest (even though I never win those darn Express ones), it's just that I want to be speakin' from the heart when I say that Ray's the Steaks rocks and Kora is a major disappointment (btw, it was). You can't buy my love!

Anyway, just busting out some compliance for you this Monday evening.

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