Pizzeria Orso

Pizzeria OrsoThe myth, the legend.  Or really, just the yummy new joint in NoVa. 

To cut to the chase, I liked Pizzeria Orso, but I wasn't obsessed.  We waited way too long for a table, and while waiting we saw a child upchuck his meal the second his family was 10 feet from the door.  Not that it's Orso's fault, but it does something to your appetite that can't be undone. 

As a sidenote, I'd prob be even more into Orso if I didn't live pretty darn close to 2 Amys.  And in the end, I prefer 2A.  If I had never left Arlington, who knows, maybe I'd tell you that it's SO MUCH BETTER, etc etc. Convenience is a factor, and it's all a bit psychological anyway, I think.

I really enjoyed the bruschetta--ours had a tomato olive tapenade kind of thing, and that sourdough was perfect--crispy and chewy, not like the countless crappy bruschetta dishes I've had where you it's dry with the crumbs and the oily-ness.  LOVED.  We also had the arrosticini (skewered lamb)--tasty. 

It only made sense to order my fave 2A dish, for comparison's sake.  The Orso edition of my beloved Ripieno Basilico just didn't stack up.  The insides of it didn't ooze out--it wasn't particularly stuffed, and the filling was barely room temperature.  It still tasted good--c'mon people, it's dough, cheese, sauce, and pesto.  But I didn't want to marry it

Ripieno I want to marry:

Ripieno that I just liked okay (sorry, the lighting wasn't great):

J dug his crudo pizze with tomato, mozzarella, basil, grana, arugula, and a thin prosciutto (is there any other kind?) across the top.  I liked that it sort of glimmered.  He found it to be fresh-tasting; he enjoyed the dough, and was surprised that the arugula wasn't too bitter.  He's not one to jump on arugula salads and things of that nature.

Our pals K & P had a pie with mushrooms and one with lots of meat--perhaps the Giamette (sausage, pepperoni, ham, and salami), is that right K? 

Check out the oven:

Dolcezza gelato is offered for dessert; I'm turned off by how expensive it is---even Orso can't mark it up more than the store itself.  At Boccato a small was about $3.50 but it was a very generous small.  At Dolcezza it's about a dollar more for a small but I swear you get half as much (at least in Bethesda).  Very very sad.  I've gone off on a tangent.  Anyway, Dolcezza gelato is good and you can find it at Orso.  At 2A, for those keeping score at home, they make their own ice cream in house, and it is divine. 

Orso means bear.  J thought you might want to know!

Pizzeria Orso
400 South Maple Ave
Falls Church, VA
Metro: Bus from East Falls Church Metro, on the Orange Line.  You can prob take a few ART buses or Metrobus.

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  1. I got the crudo pizza as well, and really, really liked it. I'm sorry you had to wait so long for a table - we went on a Saturday afternoon and it was completely empty. I think Mark and I need to head to 2 Amys again very soon to compare.

  2. It's cool! Long waits don't usually bother me if I'm expecting them. I like to know what I'm getting into. Damn type A schedule-in-advance know-it-all nature!

  3. i don't remember, but that certainly LOOKS like a Giamette. i think i'm still a little bitter about how my mushroom pizza did not have enough mushrooms on it!

  4. We went a few weeks ago, and I was not blown away. I may go if I am in the area, but I would not make the trek again.

  5. I think these comments are accurate: Pizza Orso is a gem, if you are in the Falls Church area. Just like 2Amys, I don't think it's worth a long drive or a long ass wait. In fact, there are very few places I would take a long drive for or wait longer than 20 mins.

  6. Let there be a delicious go-to Neopolitan restaurant in every town/county! I really need to try Pacci's in Silver Spring. Anyone want in on that?

  7. Awww KT I forgot about the mushroom sadness. I think you need to guest post from your NM trip, no?