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Let's backtrack a bit, shall we?  Because I am the kind of person that sometimes starts a blog post and continues it two months later.  I bring you, lovely readers, a day in late spring 2010, a time before the storms, before the heat, and even before Top Chef DC

Fornino in Park Slope:  Mentioned in the Attack on Children's Menus as a place that was pressured into conforming, Fornino Pizza is a pleaser for adults and children alike. It's reasonably priced, has a pleasant interior, and we walked right in (on the late-ish side) on a Friday night.  We enjoyed the Monzese, a pizza with fennel sausage, mozzarella, and parmesan.  We went to Fornino shortly after it opened, which I don't mind...hey, if it's good in the beginning, then you KNOW it's good, right?  Sorry about the iPhone photo...

Fornino Park Slope on Urbanspoon

Now let's bounce outta Brooklyn and head back to the island of Manhattan for some nosh.  If you were wondering, in between Fornino and the Hester Street Fair came Dizzy's

Mmmmm piles of pretzels.  Sigmund's does it right.  Chewy, with a crisp on the outside, a bit of salt but not too much, a choice of dipping sauces, and general overall deliciosity.  WANT.  I'd been meaning to go to the Shop itself, but instead it came to us (sort of, not really) at the Hester Street Market. Get your shop on while you get your snack on. 

Sigmund's Pretzel Shop

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