Dizzy's: A Finer Diner Park Slope, Brooklyn

I was charmed by Dizzy's from the start.
A server gave us a basket of baked goods to pass around outside while we were waiting.  YUM, and also a good tie-over for us hungry bunnies.  And btw, we didn't even wait that long--20 mins ish?

The brunch is a pretty good deal, I thought: $14 for an entree, tea or coffee, and juice.  I wish my iced coffee would have been refilled a few times, and our juice came after our meal.  A) it was busy and B) we were outside, and we didn't really notice the missing juice until later.  Granted, we hadn't seen a server in a while.  I enjoyed myself anyway, and the portion was awesome.

Great breadbasket with yummy muffins and I think strawberry butter. Nice!

L's corned beef hash. It had some kick to it!  The menu billed it as something like "the best corned beef hash ever," but we don't really agree.  It was good, but I think best ever (in our minds) has to go to Good Enough to Eat or Snooze.  Or Place To Be Determined. 

Steak and eggs for the J-man.  Mmmm.

What's up pancake/egg/potato/toast platter!  I love you and you are my dream come true!

Omelet filled with all of my favorite friends--cheese, tomato, somethin' green.

After I run (um, jog) I want a big fluffy omelet filled with my favorite items AND pancakes.  Not a whole order, just a bit.  What's that?  You like that too?  You want to run with me and then be my brunch buddy where we split something carbalicious and eggy? DONE!

Dizzy's has a nice big diner menu full of delicious items.  There's something for everyone.  GO FOR IT!

511 9th St
Brooklyn, NY

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  1. I've never heard of strawberry butter, but it's pretty much genius.

  2. I'm a fan - we've had it at a few places, including Good Enough to Eat on the UWS.

  3. place is too small, servers can be very spotty. Try Le Petit Cafe in Carroll Gardens...incredible place gorgeous inside worth the trip for brunch.

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  5. Yes, I do want to [jog] with you and then be your brunch buddy (not your brunch, as I originally wrote). Just not all the way to Brooklyn, 'kay?

  6. Ohhh you don't want to BE my brunch?! That is ok with me, so long as you are not a big fluffy veggie filled omelet disguised as a girl disguised as a dead whistleblower.