Friday, You Are Bittersweet

If you're my pal on the Twitterverse, then you already know that today we lost a little puppy soul, specifically our family dog, Sophie, who died a few weeks short of her 12th birthday.  Here's a look at the little Queen of the Underbites.

But on to happier topics...

I didn't read much in food news this week, but I did continue my new-ish system of tagging blog posts in my Google Reader to organize them.  "Fish" "Dinner" "Dessert" "Cookies" "Side dish"  "Gift Ideas" are the most frequently used.  But what AM I tagging these days?

I am definitely going to make this lamb from Smitten Kitchen.  It looks easy and delicious.  I've never made lamb at home, but that won't be true very very soon. (P.S. Who is coming over to supervise this attempt?) And how about this delicious pasta dish with peas and parmesan from Adventures in Shaw, looks yum and easy.  For noodles with a different flavor, go with peanutty soba noodles from The Dirty Radish.  I'll prob throw in some edamame and whatever other veggies I have lying around!  And for dessert, goat cheese marble brownies from Corcoran Street Kitchen.  J just saw those over my shoulder and he's like "When are you making those?!?!"  Hi, you can bake!  He's too likely to leave them in the kitchen until I eat them all myself.  Man has willpower like none other.

News-wise, We Love DC says that Taylor Gourmet may be coming to Dupont!  It's only marginally closer than the Chinatown location (to me at least), but close enough that I'm more likely to try it.  I want to compare to Italian Store in the battle of the sandwiches. 

So put your sugary electrolyte-packed drinks away, my friends, and indulge in some of what I used to call Chocolate Moo Juice.  Apparently chocolate (skim) milk is the best post-exercise drink (via Eating Well).  My routine is close - I stick to Light Chocolate Silk after a long run.  It ties me over from sweaty gross person that scares away would-be elevator-mates to post-shower acceptable human.

Aaaand my favorite online source, Slate, talks to Anthony Bourdain

In this edition of Analytics, I took a look at the past week. 14% of the keyword searches that brought visitors this week were for Ray's Hellburger or some derivative (including vegetarian options, how to get there via Metro, and the coleslaw recipe).  I love Ray's, and I'm happy to know that maintaining this blog is informing people about my unhealthy obsession.  I mean love.  Love.  But my favorite keyword search this week was for PEANUT BUTTER M&Ms.  My favorite. And clearly, someone else's. 

In my last bit of stalker/curiosity, I checked out 2010 so far, and was disappointed to see that four states are missing from my visitor list:  Alaska, New Mexico, South Dakota, Wyoming.  I was particularly bummed out about that last one--Wyoming is a place near and dear to my heart.  But alas, I started the blog several months after my last visit there, and I didn't get to share with you my experiences at Snake River Grill, Sweetwater Restaurant, and Chippy's Kitchen (where we ate delightful sandwiches on a bench in front of a catering company's tiny storefront during a bike ride through and around Wilson, WY).  I'll leave you with a few photos from that excitement, and encourage you to remember to travel domestically to the beautiful places right here in the US of A, and obviously, awkwardly photograph all of your food.  Have a wonderful weekend, and Shabbat Shalom!

We ate pizza at this joint in Gardiner, Montana


  1. Interesting about the chocolate milk. I normally drink lemonade after a run (I love the tartness), but maybe I'll try a little skim milk next time.

  2. Thanks K. Living away from home probably makes it easier for me than my mom--she's going to be coming home to that empty (and QUIET) house, and no little feet are going to be running up to her. I never thought they'd get another dog (because Sophie was all. My. Idea.) but now who knows?