Weekly Recap A Little Late - OR IS IT!

Wait, am I the only one who is still enjoying the weekend?  I took today off from work to play tourist with three of my lovely cousins.  Abe Lincoln, WWII Memorial, Old Post Office Clocktower---despite the super hot weather, we had a wonderful time and had a blue sky backdrop for our photos.  What more can you ask for? [...besides it being 75 instead of 95, of course.]

Let's quickly recap last week so we can move on to this week.  I just can't bear to skip it, because ever since I started these recaps out of boredom (THANK YOU SNOWPOCALYPSE) I just can't wait to tell you about my food news/bookmarked recipes/favorite stories of the week.  You know, just in case a) you don't follow me on Twitter (I'm heartbroken), or b) I was too lazy to find the link on my phone to copy and paste into my Twitter app.  It happens.

Top Chef started.  I feel like I'm the only one who wants the hashtag #TCDC to happen.  Why waste the characters with #TopChefDC?  But I'm alone (except for a few lovely friends).  OBVIOUSLY, we have our fair share of recaps going on.  The first three I read were We Love DC, Capital Spice, and Brightest Young Things. CS was more about the places featured in the episode and their history.  Learn something, will ya?  It's classy.  Oh, and Hank Stuever from the Post thought it was lame, in a nutshell.

Recently I've noticed apricots taking their share of the spotlight---fresh from Foodwanderings and dried from Passion Fruits.  I'm an apricot fan, and the other day on NPR I heard a story about a WOMAN named Apricot!  Good times.  Speaking of fruit, Cherry Pie from Adventures in Shaw is so gorgeous and so yummy looking.  I want to buy it. 

It turns out GW Law is not just a JD factory...it produces a disproportionate number of people who head toward the culinary arts (including a friend from my year! But he doesn't have a truck...yet.).  P.S., does Mr. Curbside Cupcake still use boxed mixes for his treats?  (h/t LB)

Tackle Box is coming to Cleveland Park.  One of my former favorite haunts.  Reasonably priced, usually yummy, but the real question is--who will be making the pie???  (add'l h/t to Komi to Marvin and Metrocurean)

Lunch joint in the sky (h/t EmGusk).  

And also, h/t to EmGusk for teaching me the abbreviation h/t.  Hat Tip