Friday Came Quickly!

Maybe it's because we took a little trip last weekend, but I feel like this week flew by! It's a good thing!  This week seems to have flown by.  Not sure why or how, but it did.  Monday and Tuesday were the nicest days ever, and then Wednesday rainy and sad.  But today?  STUNNING, even if a little warmer than I'd want.  Tonight is perfect.  We used out LivingSocial for Indique Heights to enjoy some fine Indian cuisine on the patio.  The Syrian Lamb Fry appetizer was yummasaurus.

This week I was superpsyched to finish the map you see to your left.  Or you can click here.  The map shows all the restaurants in the DC area for which we have blog posts--I didn't include NYC, Denver, Las Vegas, etc.  But if you think it would be handy, I may include a link list with links to out of town maps.  So if you click on the name of the restaurant on the list on the left-hand side of the map, or on the tag for the restaurant ON the map, a little description box will pop up.  That box includes a link to my review, which by now you know includes helpful tips such as Was It Delicious and What Metro Stop Do I Take To Get There.  Now you can be like "Hey, I wonder if iEatDC has any suggestions for somewhere near where we are standing right this very second?"   That question?  Answered.    I use the Capital Spice map all the time, and I always send it to friends who are new to the city.  Hopefully this can be a me-centered accompaniment : )

This baked salmon with lemon caper butter looks downright delightful, a nice little twist from my usual salmon routine.  Jersey Cook is a new addition to my Google Reader.  If you're wondering, I have 60 subscriptions.  Seems big at first glance, but I prob have friends with more (I'm looking at you!). 

The Carnivore and the Vegetarian are moving to NYC (and getting married!!!), and I flipped around their site a little to find the Pantry.  I love it.  Partly because it looks very much like our pantry. 

From Metrocurean, RAMMY award winners (YAY VERMILION! YOU DESERVE IT!!!!) and also, Pizzeria Orso opened in Falls Church.  From the photos this place looks Neopolitan and Fo' Real.  But is it better than 2 Amys?  I definitely want to go!  Here is a photo of 2 Amys pizza to jog your memory.

ESPN Zones are closing in cities around the country, including Baltimore and DC.  As much as I'll miss winning tickets and giving them to some doe-eyed little bugger, I'm excited for what's to come, whatever it may be. And We Love DC says Georgetown is finally getting a burger place.

Aaaand WSJ talks about Ruth Bourdain, the fictional character from the Twitterverse, a mashup of Anthony Bourdain and Ruth ReichlSea salt lattes = on my list of things I must have now.  BP tries to clean up a coffee spill (hat tip EG).

Reminder:  NEXT WEEK Top Chef DC starts, and I'll be providing recaps on Wednesday nights of everybody's favorite reality competition series.  (Seriously, it's my favorite.  Bachelor, SYTYCD, DWTS, Apprentice, etc, you can all suck it.  And Project Runway, sometimes the best thing about yu is Heidi.  Sigh, Heidi....)

Have a great weekend!  Fight (run) against heart disease, be proud, and definitely watch some World Cup!


  1. I barely edge you out with 64 subscriptions! Many of those are defunct though...

  2. i would like to go on a date with you and j to pizzeria orso, k thanks.