Good deeds + potential to win amazing cookies = win for all

A few days ago I saw, shared on Google Reader, and tweeted about this recipe from Eat, Run, Read; cookies with a brownie bite INSIDE.  Oh my goodness.  I basically just stare at the Cakes of the Week on this blog with my mouth hanging open and a rumbling in my tummy.  I rarely actually MAKE anything because a) I'm lazy, and b) I'd need to do a lot more of the "run" part. 

When Mollie from ERR put forward this giveaway I knew I would enter, and if you'd like, you can too.  You can donate (no amount too small) to Niger Food Relief and follow the giveaway instructions for your entries--1 for commenting that you donated, 1 for tweeting the giveaway, and 1 for blogging. 

I knew I wanted those cookies the moment I laid eyes on them.  And I know that I'd pay for them, if they were for sale.  So instead of buying them, I bought my chance to win them while feeding a family in Niger.  Everybody wins. 

You can read about Mollie's experience in Niger here.

Disclosure:  I met Mollie for about 5-10 mins at a DCFBHH months ago.  She's nice.  I like her blog a lot.  End of disclosure.


  1. You are fabulous and I love you.

    Too soon?

    Haha, I hope you win!

  2. Excellent use of too soon! But no, it is not. <3