Brunch is my favorite meal.  We had a brunch wedding for crying out loud.  Happiness is a post-nuptials omelet station.

J&J are great dining companions because they are up for anything and have pointed me in the right direction more than a few times.  So recently we made a last minute rez at Ris early on a Saturday morning--add it to your list of places open for Saturday brunch.  And BTW for all things brunch-related, check out brunch and the city.

I won't lie--the inside of Ris is a little nicer than I expected.  Not that I thought it was going to be gross, it's just that it's a little more grown-up nice and less downtown funky than I imagined.  The namesake, Chef Ris Lacoste, is the woman behind the great eats in some of the city's best restaurants.  And that's not all--her dog is ADORABLE.  Check out the slideshow in this WaPo article.

Our drinks kicked off our amazement.  A tiny creamer cup came with our iced tea.  Lemon juice?  No.  SIMPLE SYRUP!  I can honestly say that this is amazing because we have ordered iced tea pretty much everywhere we've ever eaten, and we have never seen this presentation.  If sugar falling to the bottom of your iced tea without dissolving bums you out, then RIS is right up your alley.

Foodwise, first came the house made donuts.  My only complaint is that there weren't twice as many, but I know that's more gluttonous than an actual valid gripe.  YUM.

Obviously I had a delicious fluffy omelet filled with veggies and cheese.  It's my trademark.

Chicken fried skirt steak with poached eggs and collard greens for the Dude.  That plate got CLEANED, ya'll.  The steak was cooked at a true medium to medium-rare, which can be tricky with the "chicken-fried" element.  Big portion, too.

Deconstructed lox and cream cheese bagel!  White pile?  Egg whites.  Yellow pile? Egg yolks.  Capers, tomatoes, and onion round out this DIY delight.  The Philadelphian was happy.

Chorizo, fried egg, and sheep's milk cheese on a Portuguese roll.  Talk about a good looking breakfast sandwich, this thing is adorable.  And I hear it tasted great.

Looking back, I could have used a wee bit more food.  The portions were the right size for regular people, but I pretty much always wake up starving.  Next time I'll get the French toast and make everyone have a few bites.  Side of extra entree, anyone?   : )    Although if I go that route I probably won't have room for a Z Burger shake on the way home.  Ohhhh decisions.

I'll definitely go back to Ris--brunch, dinner, whatevs.  Maybe one day I can make it for happy hour, aka Rush Hour

2275 L St NW
Metro: Blue and Orange Lines to Foggy Bottom

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  1. Drooool. I am trying to find a way to go this Saturday. Those donuts need me.

  2. curious minds gotta know-- did you have a wedding brunch in dc? if so, where? thanks!

  3. No wedding brunch in DC--hometown wedding and guest convenience prevailed! But if you can have your Capitol/WashMon photos and eat your eggs too, whooowhee.

  4. Don't fret, they're on their way! Thursday to be exact. Stupid blogger published that post early by accident, grrr.

  5. Ohhh I've been there. OK, so maybe NEXT Friday. They look amazing, can't wait to make them.

  6. YUM YUM YUM. I need to get back to doing brunch. This all looks fantastic to me, especially those donuts!

  7. Those donuts look INSANE! I need to get my hands on those!