Friday Fly-day

Or, almost.  I'm coming back from La La Land tomorrow night and hoping my chauffeur will pause for breakfast on the way home. 

See that photo?  That's my phone standing next to an ENORMOUS ICED COFFEE from Georgetown Bagelry in Bethesda with an incredible handsome shoulder peeking from behind.  A few firsts here: first time I've seen iced coffee in a paper Coke cup, and also first enormous IC I've had that's not from Dunkin Donuts. 

Via LB, Weezermonkey's post about The Bazaar by Jose Andres.  The place looks absolutely spectacular, and a few notes remind me of bites I enjoyed at Cafe Atlantico and Oyamel (in particular, jicama avocado ravioli from Cafe Atlantico and Greek yogurt panna cotta at Oyamel).  Next time I'm in Vegas I am definitely going to The Bazaar.  I discovered that I'm not the LV type, but dammmmn we still talk about our pasta tasting experience at B&B

Like it or not, Passover is coming, and Cara's Cravings and The Shiksa are both blogging recipes galore in preparation, including PIE!  I love pie, and it turns out that it's scientifically better than cake.  This is me, not surprised. 

Banner photo NSFW for this next linkm, so scroll down a few inches fast--The Passionfruits talk one of my favorite topics...ROAST CHICKEN.  You know I love a good roast chicken, particularly if I accessorize it with fried lemon slices

Mango & Tomato's Roasted Eggplant Dip with an Indian Twist.  I love scooping out a roasted eggplant with a fork; it's so simple, and you can add whatever you have around (garlic & salt alone!) to make it delicious.  This recipe shows how easily you can zazz it up for the benefit of your tastebuds or maybe some guests.  Now you just need an adorable copper serving bowl.

I'll leave you to your weekend with another photo:  Remember the papri chaat I was obsessed with at Indique Heights?  Turns out that when you get it takeout it's deconstructed.  That way it doesn't get too soggy.  We were a little confused, and J was disappointed that I didn't make beautiful swirls with the sauces.  Too bad so sad.

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