Sometimes I'm just in the mood for something saucey and delicious.  We go out for Indian cuisine all the time, and even make our own variations at home.  [Thank you Trader Joe's for making this possible.] But if you want something a little different than usual, try Afghan!  I was craving Ethiopian, actually, but wasn't sure what was good nearby--I spotted Faryab on Washingtonian's Cheap Eats and figured It Must Be Done.  Then we had a massive snowstorm and I needed to hold off on fulfilling that craving for several more weeks.

Pakowray Kachalu: Fried slices of sweet potato topped with yogurt and meat sauce.  You're going to start sensing a meat sauce theme...

I liked these guys!  The sweet potato was sweet, the meat was savory, yogurt has tang.  Good combo.

Sambosa-e-Goushti: spiced ground beef and chickpeas in this fried pastry.  This was my least favorite app--the dry fried outside stilted any flavor intensity the inside might have had once long long ago.  I just didn't get it.

Mantu: Steamed dumplings filled with meat and scallions, topped with meat sauce and yogurt.  I liked these little buggers, and would order a double next time. Meat on the inside AND the outside.

Faryab shiskleek:  Marinated chicken and veggies with basmati rice.  This dish was pretty good--T says that the chicken dish and the eggplant dish (not pictured: chalow badenjam) had excess oil that didn't add any flavor.  And in her words, "it's not like it's extra oil that's really really delicious flavorful olive oil.  It's just greasy."  Ouch!  I liked the eggplant dish better than the chicken, but I agree it was a little...wet.

Shalgham Goushti: Super tender braised lamb topped with "sweet and spicy" turnips that I found mostly sweet, not so spicy.  Everybody at the table thought these were pretty awesome turnips, and we didn't really consider ourselves turnip people.  Who is?  This was my favorite dish that I would definitely get again next time.  Sorry for the blur ya'll.

I'd definitely go back to Faryab.  The price is reasonable (especially when you share lots of apps, which you should), some of the food is really good--some is not AS good as others (and the bread is TERRIBLE, not at all what you want--you want Me Jana or Zaytinya bread!).  There was a little too much fried on the table for some of us, but you have to live a little and try stuff, even if it clogs your arteries.

These are yummy comforting ethnic flavors that you should be gettin' down with.  I definitely want to try something pumpkin-esque next time.  I have a feeling it will make me as pumped as the turnips did!

Skip dessert and go to BGR for the shake of the month, whatever it may be.

4917 Cordell Avenue
Bethesda, MD

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  1. I have actually made the trek to Baltimore just to have Afghan at the Helmand (http://www.helmand.com/). The Lawand dishes are my favorite (Mushroom or Chicken, found on the daily specials menu). My favorite appetizer is the Bowlawni (Warning, you get two, one with leeks, one with potatoes, they are not combined).

  2. Yummm...I basically never go to Baltimore besides the occasional Orioles game, so maybe a cool summer evening will inspire a trip to the Helmand. Thanks for the rec!