First Friday! (of March)

Wow, March.  This week had some sunny days, but I wouldn't call it warm--we have a few more weeks to go until it's officially spring (yes, that link tells you that you get free Rita's on 3/20/2010. You're welcome).

This week in radio there was talk of wild game.  Caught my eye (ear, really) because I heart bison, etc, and it's just so very now with talks of Michael Landrum's Ray's the Game.
 The Times took on rabbit slaughter. J says "They are soooo cute.  But so delicious.  These bunnies are particularly cute, they don't all look like that!"  Whatever you need to say to sleep at night, dude.  The outtakes are precious, too.

I like to knit, in a hip, young, totally not grandmotherly sort of way.  LOOK AT THESE CUPCAKES! It would be cruel to put these in an empty Georgetown Cupcake box.  But also adorable.

If you're having an Oscar Party, you're the host(ess) with the most(est), and you have plenty o' time, then these are for you

Sometimes I miss New Brunswick and its surroundings (via eNJoy), and my word, look at those fried globes of goat cheese. Of course other times I don't miss it at all.

In the local blogosphere:
And if you're wondering: Yes, I took all of the above wildlife photos.  There are more, that's just the tip of the iceberg...

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