Free Cone Day: Tuesday, March 23, 2010!

Lexi says: "It's Free Cone Day, ya'll!" 

Many Ben & Jerry's will be servin' it up from 12pm-8pm.  Sometimes the line gets really long, so bring a friend and stick it out.  Last time I waited we were approached by some friendly fundraisers for a great cause.  Give 'em some bucks if you feel up to it--not like you're spending it on ice cream. 

FCD is early this year ya'll!  Check out my past coverage of Free Cone Day here and here

P.S., the majority of you were excited for "all of the above" when it came to Farmers' Markets, Sundresses, CSAs, or Grilling Out.  and PPS, grilling out was my idea of a little joke.  I'd never heard the phrase until a few years ago.  It must be a DC or Southern-ish thing...right?  Anyone have any insight on this?

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