While it's still cold, do yourself a favor and head to Minh's for an enormous bowl of pho. (Most Americans say pho like "fee fie PHO fum" but it's really more like "fuh"--the problem is, most people won't know what you MEAN when you say "fuh" so you're stuck seeming confusing and pretentious at the same time).

Yes, the ginger beef is also good. Yeah, there are other dishes (like pretty much anything made in a clay pot) that are delicious.

But the savory soups outdo them all--I'm a huge fan of beef noodle soup #2, which contains well-done brisket. Others have rare beef, or both rare and well-done TOGETHER (J's choice). The "cup" is pretty big--you and a friend can each get a cup and share an entree (or get two and you've got leftovers for lunch). Get "large" and don't bother with entrees. They are not kidding around with the large, my friends!

So quick! Hurry! Before it gets warm again!

Minh's Restaurant
2500 Wilson Blvd
Arlington, VA
Metro: Court House
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  1. Hmm, Minh's is the best I've found (Huong Viet is a tie, but different) for Vietnamese dinner food, but I've found that it doesn't cut the mustard for pho. But that's understood -- pho is done best by those who specialize in pho because of the labor intensive broth a good pho requires. I TOLD my (Vietnamese) family not to get the pho, but they didn't listen to me. "Not good pho," they said. Oh, well.

  2. What does a nice Jewish girl know of good v. better pho? Unfortunately, not so much just yet. When you find a good place, let me know!

  3. my good friend in CA is named minh, and she and i always get pho out here together...this entry made me smile :)

    <3 laur

  4. ps next time you go, see if they have either a jackfruit smoothie or an avocado one...they are great!

  5. Whoa, avocado smoothie. That sounds RIDICULOUS!