Thank You, New York Times

I'm a fan of recipes from the newspaper. I don't know, they just seem more trustworthy (and tested) than any random online find. I've tried cakes from the Post and I love ideas from The New York Times' Mark Bittman, whose latest (republication of a) book I've been meaning to buy.

I was a little oranged out after Thanksgiving and Chanukah because a lot of my family was making butternut squash this and that, and I, in my haste to devour all things winter, kept ordering orange soups while out and about.

After a month or so hiatus I finally tried a healthful Times recipe we'd been eying, a butternut squash and sweet potato soup that promised to be creamy without adding cream--this is good not only for health, but for the kosher constituency.

Anyway, it was delightful. I saved leftovers in serving-size (maybe slightly larger than the normal person's serving) containers and froze two of those for my future lunches. You should make it too, before it warms up!

So tasty, and also, SO BRIGHT. Seriously, it was more yellow than orange but it would really add to your table's color. Perhaps serve it in clear glass bowls!

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