Restaurant Week

A lot of people (ok, maybe it's just J--you know, of the famous J&J, soon to be featured again in another sushi adventure?) have been asking me about Restaurant Week, a semi-annual event occurring in August and usually January--this year, February. My guess is that there was too much excitement with some other D.C.-based event this January and RW didn't want to cater to the tourists. It's a local yokels thing. Lunch = $20.09, Dinner = $35.09, and yes New Yorkers, we include the weekend in our RW!

See DCFoodies for a list of participating restaurants and many menus--all the menus aren't quite out yet, but get your hands on what you can. As DCFoodies suggests, try to go to a place that offers most or all of their regular menu. The Mr. has become somewhat anti-RW because 1) he wants to order whatever he wants, not from a limited menu that may only have two or three choices for each course, and 2) it annoys him that certain restaurants are totally eat-at-able for less than $35/person, making RW not really a "deal."

Take that into consideration when choosing. Also keep in mind which restaurants are extending. I'll tell you a few of my favorites from DCFoodies' list of extenders in reverse alphabetical order, with a link to my posts on them...

1. Zaytinya (1 week)]
2. Rasika (1 week)
3. Farrah Olivia (month of February)
4. Dino (1 week)

None of this is rocket science--these are top restaurants by most standards. But I just wanted to share my feelings :)

Where am I going, you ask? Lunch at Zola--I've never been--on Monday, and dinner at Zaytinya on Friday. I really don't find Zaytinya to be very expensive, and I'm not sure how RW works because of all the small plates. I'm going because we took M for brunch last May and she's been in NY dreaming about it every since; it was clear that on her next trip to DC we'd be trekking to Chinatown.

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