Adventures in Grillpanning

When J got this book for Chanukah, the first thing he did was flip through for some wisdom from the Mighty Rocco DiSpirito. Among the nice features of this particular cookbook, the chef has a "tools" section for each recipe, including a picture of that tool! It took about 10 minutes for J to completely convince himself that he Must. Have. A grill pan.

Grill pan--what's the big deal, right? Turns out the internet is full of pro- and con-grill pan people, like here on Chowhound. It's hard to clean--not it's not. You need a cast iron one that you can heat in the oven first or it doesn't really work--no, I've used mine 82372445 times on an electric stove, and yada yada yada.

Regardless, I didn't read any of these comments until the damage was done. He bought it at the outlets in Leesburg.

Our favorite Rocco Recipe to make in it so far is our interpretation of his "Grilled Turkey Steaks with Sauteed Belgian Endive, Bacon, & Mango Chutney." I say interpretation because we use chicken breast instead of turkey steaks, turkey bacon instead of oinkers, and have used now both bok choy and leek instead of Belgian endive (not that we don't like BE, just availability issues). This dish is so full of flavor and deliciousness, with my favorite sweet (mango chutney) and salty (turkey bacon) combination going on. Anyway, here are a few pictures.

I'm not in any way joining the dramz about the grill pan, but I'll say that so far we like ours :)

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