How You Got Here, in 2011

I write this blog completely for fun.  When it's not fun (or life takes over), I stop posting.  Every time I think I might never post again, I experience the need to overshare (where better than the internet?) about a certain recipe or meal or restaurant.

I'm not a huge stats-watcher, but the best part of visiting Google Analytics once every three or four months is that it will show me, among other things, the search terms people used to arrive at search results, and from those search results, pick a link to this blog.  And there are some gems.  

This year, three out of the top five search terms that lead people to this blog are Harry Potter-related. Thank you to EmM for that guest post on the Wizarding World.  People continue to search for the Best Burger In Virginia.  C'mon, you know where it is.  And people are still wondering (with no answer from me) whether injera is kosher for Passover.

My usual Google strategy is pretty standard.  Type in words related to what I'm looking for, often in no particular order (for example, "car harness labrador" or "kristen stewart bella wedding dress").  It's pretty cute how people type complete questions into search engines.*  Such as:
how many calories are in a teaism soba noodle bento box

is injera kosher for passover (and variations)

ray's hellburger, metro accessible?: Yes, yes, a thousand times yes. Courthouse (walk downhill) or Rosslyn (walk uphill), and it's not far from either.  Don't be a wimp.

where is hogwarts (and variations)

how to spend a good time with my boyfriend in dc (that's for another blog, ma' friend)
where can i buy sheepsmilk in chicago

who is ray of rays the steaks: Um, Michael Landrum?

why round challah at rosh hashanah: Symbolizes the year, which is cyclical and whole, starting anew at Rosh Hashanah

what bus takes you to comet ping pong: There's a site for that.

Search terms I can't explain include anything to do with Snooki and Brielle (I had breakfast in Brielle, but I wasn't giving out directions to Snooki's beach house, and furthermore, why do you want those!) and anything written in Russian (at least, I think it's Russian).

Thanks to Urbanspoon, All Over Albany, and Google for being my top three referring sites.

I'm looking forward to seeing you, however you got here, in 2012. 

*Extra adorable to the people who include the question mark.  


  1. A, I went to ShakeShack today and freaking luuuurrrved my burger! But alas, not in VA... hmmm. My Ray's burger was a soggy disappointment. :( Have you been to SS in NYC? That might be a dumb question.

  2. I haven't had a burger at SS, just a shake. A shake at the Track in Saratoga, and a shake in DC in Dupont Circle. I'm sad that you didn't like your RHB. My bun would get soggy bc the meat was so juicy and cooked to that perfect pink medium that it would soak the bun. I think it's all about how you get it cooked, and personal opinion. A blackened burger at Ray's cooked recommended would make a fine last meal for me if it was served as I've had it many times before.

  3. It's pretty cute how people type complete questions into search engines

    We get natural language query search referrals all the time at AOA. And apparently it's pretty common across the web. It's kind of fun to start typing questions into the Google search field and watching what the auto complete suggests, presumably based on what other people have been searching for.

  4. Greg, auto-complete frequently helps me spell people's last names and remember facts about them that I had been searching for anyway--no need to even search! I'm just not someone who writes things like "What time is The Descendants playing at The Spectrum in Albany on Saturday?" into a search engine. I guess I should start, since that's how I'll have to talk to Siri once we become friends.