2nd Avenue Deli

My posts may be infrequent here, but that's because I'm obsessed with my dog.  Moving on...

Once, I ran the marathon.  And apparently I lost a ton of salt over that nearly four and a half hours, because afterward the thought of going to the 2nd Avenue Deli (located conveniently near Seester's apartment) made me freak out with excitement.  The only things on my mind were PASTRAMI and MATZAH BALL SOUP.  (In my mind they were definitely in all caps.)  And when we got there that quickly changed to pickles pickles pickles pickles.

Awww, classic Hebrew-style font. 

This soup was delicious.  Little square noodles!  The matzah ball's density was just right - no softballs in this biz.

Knish.  Pronounced cuh-nish, for the uninitiated.  It was a pretty decent knish, its size and outer crust were the bomb.  I've been really over potatoes lately, so I wouldn't go out of the way to order it.

And delicious pastrami.  It was everything I wanted and more.  They had a meal option of half a sandwich and bowl of matzah ball soup for around $15 (remember, it's New York City and it's kosher).  But I thought I got a good deal.  Not only were the soup and sandwich delicious, the portion on this "half" sandwich was extremely generous.  

We ended our meal with some weird but delicious chocolate soda in small glasses.  I loved it.  What was it?  I'm not sure.  But I loved it.  

I'll definitely back to the Deli.  It's delicious, it's reasonable (thanks to good portions), and it's convenient to my dear Seester.  And you just can't get good deli everywhere.

1442 1st Avenue (also 162 E. 33rd)

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