We have some fabulous newlyweds in our life, including F and M.  Getting together with them often poses a difficult question--to go out, or to stay in?  See, while F, J, and I can certainly make a meal, M is a superb cook.  He's fearless when it comes to complicated flavors and time-consuming methods, and he is incredibly optimistic.

But with Thanksgiving weekend upon us, I suggested that we all needed a night out without shopping or clean-up.  F said we had several options in the area, but her original thought was closed for the holiday weekend.  I'm not sorry at all that we ended up at Acacia.

Butternut squash quesadillas with mushrooms, cheddar, and white truffle aioli- not greasy at all, crunchy on the outside but not brittle, a little fluffy underneath that crust.

Fresh mozzarella, and on the long sides is a caramelized onion chutney that F and I were a little obsessed with.  I'll take a bowl of chutney on the side, thanks?

Goat cheese and duck meatballs.  F said that she could just get a few more of these and that could be a delicious meal.

Delicious red snapper with sweet potato and sage croquette/fritter.  The spinach was the low point on my plate.  It didn't really taste like anything, and I don't get why it was there.

Blackened mahi, sprouts, and Dijon chived mashed potatoes.  This dish was really good, adn I liked that it was completely different from mine. I hate when fish dish 1 and fish dish 2 taste exactly the same.

 Steeeeeeeeeeak.  Matt was manly with this choice, and I don't remember tasting it.  I gather it was quite good.

The star of the meal, in my opinion.  J's 24-hour braised Colorado lamb shank. Serve with risotto and--NOTHING ELSE MATTERS, let's be honest, this lamb was off the hook.  It reminded me of the goat shoulder at Komi.  Not only was it delicious, but it looked badass.  Very Flintstones.  It's the texture of meat that I love, when you can fork it apart because it's so tender.  Sawing a cut of meat into gray/brown squares will never make my To Do or Best Of list.  If you go, make sure someone gets the lamb.  Thanks.

Also, we were in BYO territory.  And we brought it, wine-wise, with two delicious bottles that we easily finished.  The Yelp on Acacia is interesting. Overpriced?  For the quality of our meal, I say no.  "And they don't even serve wine?"  To that I say, you are a fool.  Bring your own and avoid a glass marked up to a price of 2/3 that bottle.  "There was a loud business party there."  That's timing, Bub.

8 Thumbs Up from our table of 4. Our service was great (a chiller/ice bucket for our wine, even though it was red, because hey some people might want that and be embarrassed to ask?), the breadbasket was super yummy, the ambiance was delightful (quiet but not silent, dim lighting but not pitch black), all around love.

Acacia Restaurant
2637 Main Street
Lawrenceville, NJ

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