Everyone is Blogging Brownies

And since it's a snow day for many, I wanted to share all these links with you lest you decide to get into the brownie baking mood today. 

Not sure what the deal is, but everyone is blogging brownies the past week or two.  It's like that time that a bunch of bloggers did shakshuka in a short span of time, except most people actually know what brownies are. The Internet is a funny place.

Black and white brownies from Cuisine Queen

Squeaky clean fudge brownies from Cara's Cravings (GF, sugar-free, vegan).

Browned butter brownies on Doughmesstic

Red velvet cheesecake brownies from Sweet Pea's Kitchen

Brownie giveaway from Beantown Baker

Fudgy Brownies from Nikki

THE baked brownie from Sweet Pea's Kitchen

Go.  Bake.  Eat.  Share.


  1. Drool.

    I just made some chocolate chip cookies, so apparently I didn't get the memo :)

  2. Oh wow! Good post - I just entered the brownie giveaway and now I WANT those red velvet cheesecake brownies!

  3. Yummm, they seem right up your alley, Mollie! I never make brownies, KP--but I do eat them.