Debbie's Kitchen

We needed a quick but cute lunch when my outlaws were recently in town.  We needed to sit down, eat a quick, reasonably priced sandwich, and then head out to the New York State Museum.  (It's free.  It's freezing.  There's a carousel.  Why not?)  We considered Scratch Bakery Cafe, but it was a little too small for this time around.  A few doors down is Debbie's Kitchen.

[How do you like those icicles?]

Little did I know at the time that Debbie actually sold her Kitchen in 2010, and now it's Tom's kitchen, really.  

Whoever's kitchen it is, it's a nice one. You can get half a sandwich with a small soup as a combo (you know how I love combos, or really, the opportunity to eat more than one dish). 

We had tasty sweet potato coconut something soup, the roasted red pepper soup, and a lentil vegetable, too.  We were all souped up, you could say.

I almost followed FIL with a Thanksgiving-ish turkey/cranberry sandwich, but then I picked turkey, garlic mayo, tomato, spinach, and dill Havarti.  On PUMPERNICKEL.  No one EVER has pumpernickel!!! I was so happy that I took a bite before taking a picture.

J had corned beef, pastrami, Swiss, and slaw (his third Reubenesque sandwich of the week, and I'm not talking ladies with curves), and MIL had the tuna salad with apples, nuts, and cheddar.  She was very pleased by the texture and flavors, and it led to a discussion about how the heck the people on Chopped (not to mention Iron Chef, Top Chef, and just chefs generally all over the place) know what acid to add or spices to mix in order to get that wow factor.

We'll definitely be back to Debbie's kitchen for a yummy, fresh, quick lunch.  And next time we'll get one of the delicious looking treats from the display. 

Debbie's Kitchen
456 Madison Avenue
Albany, NY

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  1. This all looks delicious, but your Reubenesque link takes the cake :)

  2. I thought this was going to be about eating at your mom's house :)

  3. Hahah :) Eating at my mom's house...it's not that she doesn't cook, because that's not true, but nobody assembles a spread like my mother. She goes to 8 different stores because THIS one has the best macaroni salad but THAT place has the bagels and the whitefish salad OVER THERE is just the best, etc. Give me a bagel, whitefish salad, tomato, cucumber, and some of her freshly made coffee, and I am happy.

  4. oh me too...or some really good smoked sable fish.