Hey Good Lookin' Whatcha Got Cookin?

Lots of good recipes happening lately, and I'm bookmarking some, trying others immediately,

Last week we enjoyed this Italian wedding soup interpretation by CSK with one of our best friends, Trader Joe's Israeli couscous. We made it the night she posted it, thanks to a vague idea of what we'd do with the two-pack totaling nearly 5 lbs of ground turkey from Sam's.  We used 1/4 of it for this soup.  Leftovers have made lunch quite enjoyable.

Later this week I'd like to make Cara's gingery edamame/eggplant stew and serve it over couscous or bulgur wheat.  Not sure if I'll double or triple the ginger yet...you know how I do.  I also want to make this flourless peanut butter cup cake--it's basically Reese's peanut butter cups, my favorite candy, turned into a cake.  Yep.  It's definitely dinner party material, because I can't be trusted alone with that thing and cold milk in my house.  Unforch one of my few friends upstate is allergic to nuts, cutting down on the people besides me who could enjoy this treat.  H/T Inkpad for sharing.  I'm waiting to hear from LB, who made Nikki's Bourbon Chocolate Pound Cake.  What in the what! [Update: LB said the cake was good, but she's not the hugest cake fan to begin with.  I am with her on that.  Our friends suggested topping it with ice cream or layering it into a trifle.  I said freeze it so it's chewy and fudgy.  MMMM.]

Sunday night we made several items a la Giada after flipping through one of my cookbooks: tomato soup (with a dollop of plain greek yogurt); roasted citrus-herb chicken (cooked like her game hens, of which there was only 1 at Hannaford--not so convenient for taking apart, anyway, but so cute); and these sugar cookie squares with red fruit preserve (raz and strawberry blend) and drizzled chocolate.  The last ones are really for work tomorrow, happy Valentine's Day everyone!  Whether it's actually cooking from a recipe or just assembling with instructions, I really like Giada.  I feel like we have the same values.  For example, we love olive oil, citrus juice, citrus zest (!!!!), fresh herbs, cannellini beans, and babies.  Her daughter is adorbz.

Crispy No Knead, obv.  It was 1/3 whole wheat because that's what we had left, and I actually finished the flour with it.  I had zero flour for about 3 days before I replenished with 3 bags.  This was the longest the dough ever fermented in the fridge, and I think it tasted even better for it. It was still fresh and spongy the next day, no toasting or zapping required.  BTW this time I wasn't too lazy to fill that gravy boat with reduced pan juices.

Chicken/herb/citrus filled craisins...mmm.


  1. I am in love with tomato soup since I was a kid. Serve it with homemade bread and you definitely make me happy. And that chicken looks exactly the same as my mom used to make. God, this is definitely food to die for. Thanks for posting this.

  2. So glad to hear that you tried the cake! You definitely have to be a big cake fan for it. Freezing it is an excellent idea.