Before we even moved I started subscribing to some area blogs, including Albany Eats! (exclamation point not added as emphasis. It's original.)  When she said that she (and guests) went to Kinnaree, the new Thai/Korean/Japanese/Fusion/Whatever place on Lark Street and had savory hot noodley warmth, I wanted it too.

We were out pre-celebrating J of J&J's swearing in at the NY bar.  Ohhh memories of swearings in past, how you haunt me.  But anyway:

Veggie dumpling potsticker friends, aka gyoza.

Bowl of curry liquid with a wee bit of chicken, too.  If it was spicy, poor J with his icky cold couldn't tell.  We were hoping it was zap/clear him back to life.

My J had chicken with udon noodles.  Very tasty.  I might get it in the future.  

I took Albany Jane's suggestion with the rad nah with tofu.  I ate "Buddhist's Delight" every Thursday for nearly a year in NJ at Tung Hsing House, so I'm not stranger to bean curd, I mean, erm, tofu.   It was delicious.  I hate to say it, but I Can't Believe I Ate The Whole Thing.

Overall, I'm really not sure whether the portions weren't that large or we were just starving, because we all pretty much cleared our plates (besides some curry liquid on J.Esq's part). Service was prompt and friendly, food was tasty, the prices are reasonable: in a nutshell, we'll definitely go back to Kinnaree.

193 Lark Street
Albany, NY


  1. You know, I normally don't even go for Thai food just because the sweet part is so often overdosed, but that's what I liked about it at Kinnaree - subtle.

    I thought my portions were a tad on the smaller side, but I went for lunch, so I figured it was lunch prices and lunch portions.

  2. I'd like to compare lunch v. dinner plates to see if they are the same or if extreme hunger got the best of us.

  3. Well, I say that we should all go to lunch there sometime soon. Does it have to be on a weekend, or can you both swing a weekday at some point?