Top Chef DC Episode 5 Recap

 [Today's photos are from our 2008 July 4th trip to Washington, VA...we stayed near the Inn, not in it, and it rained almost the whole time, making hiking less than desirable/safe.]

Or...Let's Talk About Feelings.  Ep 5 starts with who is friends with whom (Angelo->Tamesha; Ed->Tiffany). 

The Quickfire:  Patrick O'Connell from The Inn at Little Washington (you know, Washington, VA) challenges the chefs to cook some crabs!  We're calling it that Kenny is doing too much--tasting plate?  Obviously the Marylander Timothy Dean didn't fret about cleaning those pinchers.  The bottom = Andrea (too heavy with the potatoes), Amanda (out of balance), and Kevin (confusion, crab was lost).  The top = Ed (Thai-inspired simplicity), Kenny (trio), and Angelo (delicate).  ED wins and gets immunity.  Haha, he says he's "coming out of his shell."  Like that crab.

The Elimination:  Prepare a family-style meal in one giant team at a totally organic and humane farm in Virginia in one giant team.  The farm is just a bit past Middleburg.  No ingredients or cooking equipment will be known until they arrive.  They have a tough time figuring out who will do what and how--it's boring and annoying. 

They arrive at the farm and see grills, tons of produce, and of course the Toyota mobile pantry.  Cauliflower hits the farmground, Andrea reconciles the size of her pork loin with the cool air and the crappy grill, and Eric Ripert is wearing a scarf. Chef O'Connell is wearing an amazing outfit--lavender button-down and red and tan plaid blazer.  Everyone is layered. 

The interlude is everyone describing Kenny with various (sometimes moderately ethnically insensitive) nicknames. 

It seems like the judges enjoyed dishes from Kenny & Kevin's, Kelly & Andrea, Tamesha & Angela.  Kelly's last-minute dessert was a good move, a strawberry rhubarb crisp with lemongrass-basil whipped cream.

Judge's Table: Kevin (broccoli couscous) & Kenny (curry eggplant), Andrea (pork loin) & Kelly (beet thing and the dessert) had the best dishes.  Kenny takes the prize.

Stephen (turns out his salad sucked), Amanda (grandmotherly, unpolished, amateur minestrone), and Tim (lame-o) are at the bottom.  Tim was told to pack his knives and go.  Don't get too excited, Stephen.  It should have been you, and you're probably next.

"I basically made love to that duck, to be honest witchu."  Angelo wins Best Quote and Most Entertaining.

Not a bad ep.  I like RoVa.

Back to my Patagonia catalog...


  1. It absolutely should have been Stephen. I was muttering "please be Stephen, please be Stephen, please be Stephen" under my breath the whole time, although I would have been happy with Amanda going home, too.

    And yes, Angelo was pretty entertaining tonight (what with his crabs comment and the duck thing). I didn't hate on him as much this episode.

    As always, nice recap, and way to get it up so quickly!

  2. Thanks, A! Stephen's time will come soon, I'm sure. Fresh thoughts are best, I think--prob with food reviews, too, but I'm a slowpoke there; sometimes to avoid redundancy and sometimes because I'm lazy. But I'll never be too lazy to watch TV :)

  3. I thought Tim seemed like the least bad of those three! But maybe that was just because he spent so much time talking about how excellent he was.

    I enjoyed our peeks into Maryland and VA with this one, but bet's give it up for the REAL star of the episode: THE TOYOTA SIENNA!!!!

    Apparently, the contestants on this show ARE here to make friends. That whole "here's the people who like each other" segment cracked me up. It also made me think that one of those four would end up going home, because that is a classic reality TV editing scenario: show a budding friendship/romance, then watch it be stripped away too soon, too soon!!!!

    Stephen looked DEVASTATED that his salad sucked. I thought he was going to cry. It also sounded like Padma choked on Tim's name when she was telling him to pack his knives. Maybe they, too, were friends!!

  4. I almost forgot about your love of the Sienna. I dug around for a minute to see if you had a blog post about it I could link to, but I think it was a Twitter declaration?

  5. I totally called this before hand. Tim really didn't make one good dish