DC Weekend Escapes: Middleburg, VA

In an effort to get out of the bustling city and it's metro region, we headed out to Middleburg, VA for some country, foliage, and of course, food.

Middleburg is about an hour from Washington, DC. We'd driven right by the tiny town on our way to Chrysalis Winery a while ago. Chrysalis prides itself as the closest winery to Washington--while this may be true, it is the start of a pretty busy VA wine trail. Happily for Middleburg visitors, many of these are within a mile or two of the main town, making this a boutique-ing, antiquing, sweets-eating, wine-drinking excursion. Something fun for all ages, truly.

We arrived in Middleburg around lunch time and our stomachs brought us to the Red Fox Inn. The Inn, which is on the National Register of Historic Places, has been graced by the likes of President John F. Kennedy, JBKO, and Elizabeth Taylor. The Inn is fully functioning as a place to stay on your visit, and the dining room is open for guests and outside visitors. Food wise, it was downright tasty. The Eggs Chesapeake and Steak and Eggs were tasty, and they have delicious home fried potatoes. Most offerings were egg-based, along with the inclusion of some crabcakes, of course, and perhaps the best-named burger ever--the Middleburger. Some of the tastiest treats came in the basket of pastries before our meal was served. Warm mini muffins, danishes, and breads were the perfect beginning.

We then headed to Mello Out, a local favorite for homemade marshmallows and THE BEST chai tea latte I’ve ever had.

On the way home, we stopped at Swedenburg Winery where the friendly staff treated us to our first tastes of mulled wine, their pinot noir spiced with cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg, then heated to a comfortable warm temperature.

Red Fox Inn
Mello Out
Swedenburg Winery
All in Middleburg, VA

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