The Holiday Weekend Is Over Roundup

That monument shot is from 2004 (my first DC July 4), but the Atlantic City boardwalk is from yesterday.

Beach, fireworks, Gaga, and who knows what else happened?  But now we're going back to work.  You have time for just a little bit more fun, and that'll have to come from reading this post.  Sorryguys.

We're light on news this week--actually, zero.  The only news items I read over the holiday weekend were one-liners from @nytimes and even that was kept to a minimum.  Let's blog it up, mostly local: 

Roundup within a roundup?  Yes. The Iced Coffee Roundup from Serious Eats.  My favorite is still Dunkin' Donuts, and I may have to comment on that post to address my disappointment (UNDERSTATEMENT) with the iced coffee at 7-11.  The sign was beckoning to me every day, 99 cents, 99 cents.  FOR CRAP.  (h/t Never Turn Down a Cupcake).

Loving the recipe suggestions from the MCPL blog (yes, they have one, and yes, I read it).

Greener, Healthier, Wiser brings us the Dirty Dozen (as in, conventional fruits and veggies that are most chemical-laden).

Metrocurean tells us about Pleasant Pops debuting at the Mount Pleasant Farmer's Market, which I take as an excuse to tell you (and her) about my coconut sesame ginger paleta from Whole Foods Friendship Heights. 

Arugula Files at the farmer's market in Falls Church---looks amazing, I can almost smell those peaches.

I need to get to The Dirty Radish household for some Southeast Asian BBQ.

Presidents holding hams (via LMNOP).

Have a great week!  Stay hydrated--it's going to be a scorcher!!!


  1. Likin the boardwalk pic!! And whoa, MCPL haz blog?

  2. I don't really remember how I found it, but I like it. I'm a library fan!!!