Top Chef Episodes 6, Better Late Than Never

[Today's photo was taken at Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens]

Between the show, the beach, and the cable outage (from the storm), we are just today (Wednesday July 28) watching Ep6.  So I'll give you the abridged version, and later we'll move on to the new episode.

The Quickfire: Michelle Bernstein (with some saucy photos on her page) is guest judge for the Nasty Proteins innovation challenge.  Snake, wild boar, crocodile, emu eggs, duck testicles, etc.  Knives are drawn to see who picks ingredients first.  45 minutes to cook.  Amanda saws at the emu egg.  We laugh at Alex with the foie gras--is that exotic anymore?  And then, they switch proteins after 15 mins.  I'm unclear about whether they are using part of their original stuff or just switched stations completely.

Heeyo I've had rattlesnake cake!  Stephen's frog legs, Alex's ostrich, and and Andrea's wild boar lost.  Kelly's omelet, Tamesha's duck tongue, and Amanda's llama were on top.  Kelly won and has immunity.

Elimination Challenge: Cold War.  Each making a dish that's best served cold.  Groups A and B will serve the other group + judges, and then each group nominates the best dish from the other team.  Kelly dines with both groups because she has immunity.  They ride the USS Sequoia while doing menu planning.  Angelo is telling everyone what to do, Ed & Tiffany are still bff.  Andrea is fighting the everywoman's battle.  Angelo's gentlespeak sort of reminds me of Michael Jackson.

The first group basically complained about every dish they tried.  They liked Kevin's dish the best, despite the lack of acid (which Tom refuted).  Obviously they all want Kenny gone, even though they should have chosen Amanda.  Gameplay! 

Apparently Ed was The Other Man with Angelo and his former gf.  Not cool.

Tiffany was the second group's favorite, and Tamesha was the thumbs down.  

Aaaaand in the stew room they are telling about who they picked as the worst and why.  Yikesasaurus.  Awkward!

Kevin wins, even after doubting himself!  He's off to the Hilton Hawaiian Village as a prize.  Tamesha's long pepper usage was outta control, apparently.  Kenny had too much going on and it wasn't cohesive.  Tamesha is going home, and now she regrets being part of Angelo's minion.

Best Quote winner this week is Stephen for his comment: "I went from crocodile to frog.  Not really a big leap, no pun intended."  -Stephen

Obviously we caught up on Mad Men before watching TCDC6.  There was never really any question...

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