The Most Gorgeous Day Ever?

 [pictured: giant pitcher of Pimm's Cup, giant pickles from the Jersey Shore]

Sunday, not Saturday, of course.  Although the rain on Saturday left a pleasant temperature that was sort of a relief for us while playing host/guide to my folks.

Top Chef fans were all a buzzin' about Bryan Voltaggio Bobblehead Night--I want to see one!  Anyone planning on going to the game for this collectible??

Kojo's piece on Transforming Urban Deserts - areas without a grocery store, without access to fresh produce, etc.  

Best wine books for beginners from Serious Eats. (h/t KT).

This article in the LA Times about the First Family's dining outings made my lips curl back a little--it makes it as though before Barack Obama stopped in for a burger, Michael Landrum just had a little burger shack, as opposed to a nicely formed Ray's empire including The Steaks, The Classic/The Bar, and Hellburger (with other plans as well!).  And Komi may be hidden inasmuch as it's unpretentious in a slightly-lit townhouse, but a place that books up before 3pm 30 days in advance and is Washingtonian's #1 restaurant several years running isn't really an up-and-coming hideout.  It already came, and believe me, Komi is up.  In fact, one of my favorite things about the President's visits to our local eateries is that he's chosen places that already draw lines and crowds.  So, LA Times, thanks for the rundown of where President Obama has been, but no thanks for making it seem like those places didn't exist before he stepped inside.  OK, end of diatribe.

Recipe-wise, it was totally Cocktail Week.  Not one, but two Boozy Arnold Palmers--one at Jersey Cook and one at Corcoran Street Kitchen.  Then there's the Pimm's Cup sort of situation at Smitten Kitchen.  And of course, with these drinks, play the WMATA Drinking Game from Washingtina.  Just not on the Metro--it's not allowed, as you know.

ALSO: The grilled haloumi and tomato skewers with honey-tahini sauce looks delectable at Cara's Cravings.

Well, another week.  At the end of which will come another weekend.  Thaaaaank goodness.  Have a great one!


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  2. One - I offered on facebook to pay someone to get me a bobblehead. Funny how chefs suddenly transcend every facet of life (though he is a Frederick local hero).

    Two - The LATimes folks cannot write.