So every time I drive down Foxhall Road I see the sign for Jetties and think, mmm that sounds like a beachy sandwich place,  even though the beach is pretty far away.    A campus favorite for G Dubbers on the Vern, Jetties is also uniquely situated between Marylanders to the west of DC and Arlingtonians--a great place to meet up for lunch with friends.

Even though there were plenty of tables when we arrived, the late lunch crowd on a Saturday was quite plentiful.  On to the eats!  When you walk in, don't jog up to the counter and bark out your order--pick up one of the order sheets and fill out what you'd like--you can select an existing sandwich or create your own, if you're that type.

First we've got my pick: the Steps Beach ($7.50): homemade turkey salad with golden raisins, diced apples, tarragon, and lettuce--the original is on multigrain, but I went nuts and modified that right into some PUMPERNICKEL!  WHAT!  This was hands-down the best turkey salad I've ever had (except for my mother-in-law's post-Thanksgiving turkey salad, of course.  Obviously.), but not the best "__  salad" ever, because let's face it, Boatyard in Annapolis makes a righteous good chicken salad.  It had texture, crunch, sweetness, and that pumpernickelly bite, all in one sandwich.  I could have this every weekend.

E went for the Surfside ($8.65). Carved turkey, havarti, bacon, avocado spread, and whole grain mustard on sourdough bread.  Now I didn't mention this earlier, but Jetties is pretty serious about turkey--they must roast plenty of them each day to provide the carved turkey sandwiches and turkey salad the way that they do, and I appreciate it.  There's nothing like real meat, none of that deli sliced processed nonsense.  E really enjoyed the sandwich, but she would have preferred less grainy mustard.  I LOVE the stuff, but hey, I'm a mustard fan.  Know yourself, people!

Last but certainly not least, C had the hot sandwich of the day--the name is lost on me right now, but it was brisket and onions, and it was yummy.  I may have picked some stray pieces of brisket off of her sandwich wrapper (plates are for wimps).  Her only improvement would be slicing the brisket thinner--every Passover hostess' dream.  Also, the bread looks a bit weak for what it's holding.

Also, Jetties carries cupcakes from Something Sweet, which has the distinguished pleasure of being situated near 2 Amys (cue angelic/heaven music and bright lights as if shining from above).  J says he's had their cupcakes before and they are "just ok," but he didn't seem to complain or hesitate when I brought him back a chocolate with chocolate frosting from Jetties.

Jetties isn't alone in its family--the other day I passed by Surfside in Glover Park, Jetties' sister on Wisconsin Ave.  It was packed at brunch-time!  I'm sure we'll get there soon--the menu looks reasonably priced (pending portion size, of course) .  And the group's hidden-ish bar that hosts a lot of private events in Georgetown?  I won't hold my breath for an invitation.  I'm unconcerned, given the reviews.  Yikes!

Reviews I read before my adventure to Jetties mentioned that it's pricy.  The sandwich prices are fine, but it all adds up--my sandwich + Nantucket Nectars half & half + bag of chips + 2 cupcakes (one for me, right then, and one for J) = $17.  But if you bring your water bottle and skip the extras, it's definitely tastier than Cosi (and let's be honest, their sandwiches don't fill anyone up, do they? Or is it just me with the neverending pit stomach?) and not far off $-wise.  Service was superfast, even for C's hot sandwich, but keep in mind that it was quiet when we arrived.

1609 Foxhall Road
Getting there:  Find the best Metrobus from your place, drive (plenty of street parking available), or put on your hiking shoes from Georgetown.  But there's always the Vern Express from Foggy Bottom.

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  1. Never having driven up Foxhall Rd. before, I passed Jetties a few weeks ago. It looked like the kind of place I could eat at daily. It sounds that way. I'll have to check it out.