Friday Favorites: Blizzard Edition

Morning, ya'll! Welcome to the first weekly roundup sort of thing, a little list of my favorite links of the past week.  You know, just in case you aren't "following" me on Google Reader.

Of course, I had other things to do this week besides play on the internet---Scrabble, cleaning, cupcake-eating (that's peanut butter chocolate, with PB chips in the cake part and amazing PB icing), challah baking, best hot chocolate ever making/drinking...


But mostly I played on the internet.  Here were my faves this week:
  • My Baking Addiction's Red Velvet Whoopie Pies may be a little more than a week old, but I'm still waiting for someone to make these for me for Valentine's Day.  It seems like the type of semi-complicated task I'll leave to inkpadchocolate; I can't be trusted with food dye.
  • matzo&rice's review of Morimoto in Philly--any lover of Iron Chef (and sushi) will enjoy this review of the big tasting menu here.
I also want to give props to Georgetown Cupcake, Cashion's Eat Place, Clyde's, Sushiko, Chef Geoff's/Lia's, Chipotle, and the patient, brave staff of my local Giant Food for keeping us fed, warm, and even out of the house over the blizzardy extra-(extra-)long weekend.  Also a high-five to all the restaurants and neighbors who tweeted #opendc to keep everyone informed. 

If you read blogs/magazines or listen to podcasts with fun, yummy recipes or reviews that you want to share with me, send them to ieatdc at gmail dot com!

Have a great weekend, everyone!  Be careful when you're walking, watch for ice.


  1. Thanks for the tips. I must say this really looks so delicious.

  2. Thanks for the tips. I must say this really looks so delicious.