Friday Favorites: No-blizzard-but-also-no-right-lane Edition

Heyo!  It's been a great week!  I spent half of it in Austin (and you'll read more about that soon, ::drool::), and half in our fair city.  Some good reads this week:

From NYTimes: Ooh, chefs bringin' the heat on Twitter.  I think this article may have given Mr. Top Chef himself, Michael Voltaggio, some hints on making a scene--he recently publicly ranted about issues with his produce people.   Apparently they made up, though.

Also from NYT, apparently NY's best pizza, served up in Brooklyn and the East Village.  Now, I already declared that NY's best pizza was at DiFara, in that post where I discussed the futility of this "best pizza" argument, which, by the way, is neverending.  This can only mean one thing:  PIZZA CAGE MATCH!!!!  I think the best time for this head-to-head is after the Brooklyn Half Marathon in May.  It'll take careful planning because of the likely wait times at each eatery.  C'mon guys, let's make it happen!

From Washingtonian, the making of a Valentine's Day dinner at home for under $20.

I've been meaning to go to Ris, and I hope I will soon--the namesake was on the Kojo Nnamdi show this week!  KN was talking about the dream of owning a restaurant.  [I just browsed the brunch menu and said the words "chicken fried skirt steak, poached egg" and sent J into a frenzy of "I want that I want that I so want that, what are we doing Sunday????"]

Apparently yesterday was National Drink Wine Day...I'm also skeptical about the legitimacy of this holiday, and I think it's much better celebrated on non-workdays.  Just sayin. 

Have a great weekend, everybody!

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