Cashion's Eat Place

If you were snowed in (driving-wise) on a beautiful day, wouldn't you also take the Metro to Woodley and walk to Adam's Morgan for brunch?  I thought so!  Bring sunglasses, though.  The glare is wicked.

We (J&J, MyJ, and T) were thrilled to hear that Cashion's Eat Place would be open in our fair frosted city. With public transportation quite unsettled and sidewalks only partially cleared, the journey there was a bit of an adventure. 

J and I went to Cashion's for a great dinner maybe 4 years ago (I know Ann Cashion still owned it at that point), and even though it was GREAT, we never went back.  I recommended it to people, but I guess once we moved to the Orange Line in VA, the idea of schlepping up to Adam's Morgan seemed arduous, especially with so many delicious and more convenient dining options.  But I know we'll be back again MUCH sooner, especially with neighborhood friends like J&J. 

So I know that there would be delicious freshly baked bread, had the bakery that delivers to Cashion's not been hindered by the snow.  ::sniffle::  But seriously, we were fine.  We ordered a side of banana nut bread (um, with chocolate, much like the one I make in muffin form for fair J-dazzle), and it was warm and happy.

4/5 of us had the bison burger with poached egg, potatoes, and hollandaise.  Little fun mushrooms and some green were underneath the burger, hiding but delicious.  At first I was going to get an omelet to break up the monotony of the table, but seriously, we were STARVING, and the idea of meat + egg was too good to be passed up.  It didn't come with a bun, but I think one of the Js figured that was because of the canceled bread delivery.  Or they thought we were all on Atkins : )  We all cleaned our plates---I like that the hollandaise was on the side instead of bathing everything else, I could dip as I saw fit.  Bison is such a lean, clean-tasting meat; if you've never had it, you should try it someday.

T was the outlier with the pork hash.  Not like I was surprised---anything with a poached egg, cilantro, and green chilies is screaming T's name.  She eats like me, but a little spicier : ) T says the sauce was the shining star---cilantro/chili sort of pesto--so good she'd buy it in a jar.  And put it in her car.  Go very far.  My rhymes are bizarre.

Service was great (friendly, but not the awkward not-knowing-when-to-come-or-go we've been getting recently), and no one batted an eye as we sat after our meal for about 2 hours, just talking.  It wasn't crowded, and we just wanted to spend more time together...inside.

Cashion's Eat Place
1819 Columbia Rd NW
Metro: Red Line to Woodley Park; it's not a long walk to where Cashion's is in Adams Morgan.

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  1. I got that pork hash once and asked for a poached duck egg on top of it instead of a chicken egg. They were all right with that. Yum.