Fewer Words Friday

If you want more words about my delicious seasonal dinner at Ala Shanghai, let me direct you toward the delightful FUSSYlittleORGANIZER and always-charming dining companion Albany Jane.   Aaaand Table Hopping.  (Our dinner was news.)  I hadn't seen Steph since the Tour de Soft Serve, and we had a lot of running talking to do with poor J in between us.

 Menu. Drool.

 Some explanations.

Smoked fish and astor salad were my favorite from this plate!

Soup dumplings.  XLB.  Obviously. 

beefy soup

Shrimp (not our favorite food) and luffa (very very fun and delicious)

Sliced chicken with snow fungus and celery

Crazy pork belly. I don't care for the glossy fat on top, but I'd make many guests happy if I fork-shredded what's underneath and slapped it on a roll.  Sammich heaven.  PS, bebeh bok choy.

Diced sea bass in a brown sauce. I loved this dish.  It was light, tasty, and the dish never seemed to empty despite the heapings I kept adding to my plate. Very similar in nature to Mary Poppins' bag.

Soft shell crab - not mine or J's favorite, we're just not huge crab/clam/oyster/shrimp/lobster people.  We prefer our crab to be in cake form, perhaps incorporated into a benedict

Chrysanthemum jelly with lychee.  Loved.  Both the jelly AND the lychee.  They look like pearl onions but they are sweet juicy crunchy 'splosions of happy.

Not as few words as I expected.  So many memories of deliciousness and good conversation coming back at me...

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