Picking at Samascott Orchards

Cherries.  Cherries!  CHERRIES!!!!!  That's how we started loving Samascott.

We brought our own containers, which is earth friendly on both of our parts. You can weigh them on your way on to make sure you're only paying for your fruit.  $2/lb.  The bomb.

Being supertall is helpful; you can get the high up ones that other people can't reach (unless they have a ladder, which one woman did).

The signage was a little rough - we looked for blueberries on our first trip but couldn't find them.  We were a little fried from the sun, so that may have been a factor.  Instead we bought some at their market.

My friend the Dirty Radish posted some cherry recipes, but let's face it - I ate all 4 lbs raw...with J's help.

We may go back for blueberries, it depends what's up with the weather and our J+J itinerary :)

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