Fewer Words Friday

I mentioned it on Twitter and posted a picture on Facebook.  I really couldn't get over how fun it was to rent a big boat with 6 other people, eat sandwiches and chips, drink beer, jump off rocks (that's not us, but thank you YouTube for the reference), swim, and tube on Lake George.  I thought you needed a special license to drive a motorboat, but it turns out you just need to be awesome like my friend N and zoooooooooooooooom after listening to a dude tell you about the boat for 5 minutes.

The weather was ridiculous.  This activity should be scheduled into your near future.

No matter what you do, have a most excellent weekend.  I hope in the next few weeks I'll be able to tell you about some delightful meals in Bennington, Cape Cod, and dear old Albany.

 this looks remarkably like the fake stock photo when you're waiting for your photos to load in Windows Explorer


  1. Perfection! Looks so relaxing. Gorgeous photos! :)

    Heather from CDNY Blogger Meetup shared your site with me- I love it! Hoping to meet you ladies soon!

  2. Thanks Keelie! I'm a sucker for summer outdoor fun.