Lunch at Franklin's

Back to Franklin's.  A celebratory (but kind of sad) lunch.  But there was nothing sad about The Vulcan Mind Meld -- Primanti Bros. Style.  Pastrami, corned beef, pickle slices, Swiss, provolone, slaw, skinny fries, hots, tomatoes, and Thousand Island dressing on toasted marble (rye/pumpernickel).  For $12 I got this enormous sandwich that I somehow managed to finish.  And then I wanted so so badly to take a nap.

I almost got the Cherry Glen Goat Cheese salad, which had DUCK.  Apples and walnuts and other stuff too, but duck confit?  Puhleeez people.  I just didn't feel much like lettuce today.  More like slaw.

EGM didn't want to stray far from her ordinary course--merguez mini burgers with tzatziki.  Service was great, as per usual, and our sodas were kept super filled.  Like our bellies.

5121 Baltimore Ave
Hyattsville, MD
Metro: Red line to Rhode Island Ave or Green Line to College Park, then a Metrobus that gets you to Franklin's on Route 1.  There's gotta be a few.  Or drive!  Parking in the lot next door is 25 cents per hour--major bargain compared to the meters in Arlington.

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  1. ohmygod does that look delicious. haven't been to franklin's in ages, but dad and i were talking about it last night!