Dino - A last minute dinner

Where should we go?  We just got out of a work happy hour in Cleveland Park.  2 Amys?  Palena?  On this day, Dino.  Late summer.  I really like Dino.  It's been good to me. Dean Gold shops at the farmers' market for lots of fresh & local, and I'm down with it.  Plus their before 7pm $27 3-course deal is pretty much the best in town.  I hope my memory hasn't foresaken me, this was a few months back...

Artichokes.  Crispy and zesty and begging for me to squeeze that lemon wedge all over 'em. 

Prosciutto rolled peaches.  Whaaaaaat?!

Cheesy warm gooey cannelloni.  Beautiful color, too.

Tubular pasta with duck leg confit.  And greens.  I want it again, now.

3435 Connecticut Ave NW
Metro: Cleveland Park

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  1. Great photos! The food at Dino is really top-notch (although sometimes the service is...not great).

  2. Whenever we go we have good service. Sometimes the food surprises people we bring there, because they expect American Italian. Pasta with red sauce, pizza, etc. I think it's best for a crowd of 2 :)

  3. Impromptu nights at Dino never disappoint!