Sticky Rice

With a deal in hand ($25 for $50, I believe), we headed to Sticky Rice for my very first H Street NE experience.

This joint is hipster heaven.  Before buying the deal, I read a review that called it "reminiscent of a tattoo parlor's secret bordello."  When I walked in I was like, "Yeah, I see that."  This place is known for having a mishmash of American and Asian foods.  Sushi?  Check.  Lots of fried stuff?  Check.  Tater tots?  Double check.

We had a good time here.  At the least the food is entertaining and a little silly, and at the most it's tasty and comforting.  Our bill was bigger than I would expect if I hadn't seen the prices.
We shared the following: ribs, Jolly Green Wontons (vegetarian soybean wasabi wantons), Sticky Balls (sriracha rice, tuna, crab, etc) , the Chili Roll sans jalapeno, sesame chicken with udon noodles (my least favorite, it wasn't very sesame-ey), and PBR.  Well we didn't share the PBR, we sprung for separates.

The Sticky Balls are fun to order and eat.  I didn't love our apps, mostly because it was fry city.  I'd go back and do sushi and beer only.

Sticky Rice
1224 H St NE
Metro: Schlep from Union Station or take the bus.  We drove because I came straight from work in outer Mongolia.

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