I'd been wanting to go to Ethiopic for months--ever since I heard a delicious newcomer was on the Ethiopian scene, and in a funny spot, too.  On H Street NE, but not quite in the Corridor with Sticky Rice, Rock & Roll Hotel, etc).  Nope, closer to Union Station and the totally charming-looking Ebenezer's Coffeehouse, which was brand spanking new around the last time I worked near the Station.

Anyway, you know how it is.  I'd get home from work, not feel like schlepping across town, and then it was too hot to even think about eating saucy spiciness.  Then I had to read about Olga's adventures on the Little Ethiopia tour.  And Angela & Mark finally found some injera, et al that pleased both palates.  Last but not least, Top Chef featured Marcus Samuelsson for an Ethiopian quickfire in episode 8. So off we went (this was a while ago, I'm dreadfully behind).

I like to have new beers when I can.  This time, it was the Ethiopian beer St. George, recommended by the server.  It was cool, refreshing, with a nice fruity/floral finish.  I love it!  Jeff had Meta, but I liked mine better. 

For the uninitiated, Ethiopian food is often lots of spiced herbed deliciousness  (mostly vegetables) served on a platter covered with injera, a flat, spongy bread-like friend of yours.  Not only is it a fine canvas for your piles of delicious food, but then you get to EAT the canvas.

 Vegetarian Sampler:  Ya gotta go sampler, people.  If we had another couple with us we'd probably just get two big samplers.  Spicy chickpeas, cabbage, yellow split peas, cabbage and carrots, collards, red lentils...basically if you like warm, flavorful, comforting foods, then you need to get yourself a vegetarian sampler. 

Ethiopic Signature Tibs:  Hello boneless leg of lamb. 

Beware: this place gets packed (because it's great), and it's not so big.  The bar is tiny, but we sat there originally until a table (quickly) opened up.  But if more than a few people are waiting for a table it gets tight--fast.  And they are CLOSED on Monday.  Just like my favorite LYS

I'll definitely go back to Ethiopic.  If it were closer--let's say, as close as Pete's Apizza---I'd be there all the time. 

401 H St NE
Metro: Red Line to Union Station

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