CSA Friday and Shared Items

Woo! Happy Friday, guys.  This week brought GREENS!  Collard greens, kale, and some gorgeous looking lettuce.  I picked kale, zucchini, pears, one lone apple (after all, we had picked so many), 2 red bell peppers, green beans, and little bebeh tomatoes.  This was one of those weeks that I wish we had a full share.  But I'm thrilled that nothing is going bad.  We're cooking better, planning meals better, and eating every last drop.  I would have liked another zucchini or two, a few full size tomatoes, and, as per usual, Concord grapes. I gave up my grapes for bebeh matoes (or the kale, depending on how you look at it). 

We made zucchini boats from State Dinner again (mmm), kale chips from Smitten, and a lot of other stuff is being eaten raw. 

Tomorrow I must make these scones from Smitten.  Apple cheddar omg I want it now.

When is a bagel not a bagel?  From the WSJ.  Also from WSJ, some people are still hunting down the McRib.

It's fall now, which means I'm looking forward to making these CSK butternut squash enchiladas (mild of course), J&G's butternut squash soup (via Metrocurean), and the pumpkin challah I found on the list of amazing 100 Ways to Cook a Pumpkin from Endless Simmer.  I'd like someone to make the pumpkin spice latte cheesecake for me, though. (h/t Mel)

And lastly, I need to go to Vegas right now.  Because I have to camp out in front of China Poblano until it opens, and maybe along the way they'll feed me some practice dishes.  Jose Andres, you are killin' me!

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