If Kefi were to be broken down into an equation wherein Kefi = X, then X = Delicious + nice (read: sit-down, real plates, good service) + takes reservations + good portions + affordable in NYC.  Are you with me?  It seems totally impossible, especially on this typically expensive island

The scene is Upper West Side, rain, and one special birthday.  We needed some comfort and warmth.  Kefi to the freakin' rescue people.  Sorry about the dark photos--I have trouble staying steady and the lighting is low!  When a gal like me sees a chunk of feta that large, I'm bound to be impatient.

First we had an unbelievably spread of--er--spreads. The dips were taramosalata,a caviar; melintzanosalata, eggplant; revithia, chickpea (like hummus); and tzatziki--needing no explanation, right, yogurt fans? Each one was so so good.  I was least familiar with the taramosalata but I could not get enough of it.  Dangerous spreads.  We also shared a salad of the day that had eggplant along with large chunks of tomatoes and feta.

L had the lamb burger (as if there was ever a question), which was very tasty.  But I was feeling burger-y, and in a change of pace, I didn't feel like eating with my hands.  Ta da!  Sheeps milk dumplings, ricotta, and spicy lamb sausage (some tomato and pine nuts too).  This is the dish people talk about, and that's why I tried it.  I originally had my eye on the flat pasta with braised rabbit.  I'll try to get the rabbit next time, if I can manage not to order the dumplings.  I want to go to sleep right now and dream that I'm eating them.  Cool, fresh cheese, spicy savory sausage, soft pillowy dumplings--HOW IS IT POSSIBLE!?!?  If there was a recipe for warm happiness, the chefs at Kefi have it.  And the proof is in the dumplings.

505 Columbus Ave
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  1. man, I really NEED to go here. I tried to pick it for a dinner recently, but was thwarted :(