So you may have noticed that we moved.  And yet my name and URL stayed the same, while the headline and logo have been updated.  So although the blog is officially now titled Capitol to Capital, that was too long of a Twitter name, and in any case, it was taken.  Also taken: Cap2Cap, C2C, etc.  So I did like my pal hawaii2DCdee and chose DC2ALB.  We'll see how that goes.  FYI, ALB is an international airport.  Fancy.

I think Capitol to Capital is a cute way to say that we moved from The Capital (with The Capitol) to another capital--a much smaller capital, a place that's less international, has fewer restaurants (but a chockload more mountains), but a capital nonetheless.

So if you use Twitter on the web, please remember my new name and tweet at me there!  I know it's #ff so many not the best day to switch it, but you have to nab a name when you can on the Twitters.

Let me know what you think of the new Twitter handle!  Sorry in advance for any confusion.  We'll keep eating, so I hope you'll keep reading.  The URL is staying the same (at least for now).

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