Delmar Farmers* Market

* for some discourse on Farmers v. Farmers', click here.  I should probably update my tag, but I'm not sure how that will work.

Our first day at the Delmar Farmers Market was the very. last. day. of the Delmar Farmers Market.  After finding it (no easy task) at the back of the middle school, we discovered there wasn't much left on December 18th, even in the morning.  Despite a web site prompting me to bring my own cup for coffee or cider, there was no cider to be found!  There were, however, two bakery vendors with cinnamon buns.  We got a big bun from All Good Bakers because I'd heard a lot about their community supported bakery and the buns in particular.  We warmed it up for 30 seconds before enjoying it.  It's vegan, and that probably accounts for the subtle dry sponge hint that sets in when the buns cooled off, but we didn't complain.  I'll try some of their non-vegan treats soon.

Farmers markets make me feel guilty, especially the ones that aren't crazy busy.  I want to buy something from everyone, even if I don't need/want it, and I feel bad when I don't! Everyone's giving me the eye!  Anyone else feel that way?

We're looking forward to the return of this market on June 5, 2011. 

Delmar Farmers Market
332 Kenwood Ave
Delmar, NY


  1. Capitol to Capitol, eh? I like it!

    As for that relay...I don't know...I'll have to really think about this one....keep me posted on your team's status!

  2. I am doing well on my goal to live in as many Northeast states as possible. NJ, DC, VA, MD, NY...eventually I'll get to the rest. The relay is crazy, but my friend who is totally bananas in a good way is organizing, and I feel good in her capable hands. I'm looking forward to being a momasaurus by making intense lists of things to pack, like food, drinks, bandaids, entertainment...it's either something I'll do once and have an exhausting blast, or something I'll want to do again and again for a reliable weekend of some wild fun.

  3. Britin of All Good Bakers here, we're glad you tried (and made the extra effort to find) the Winter Delmar Farmer's Market! In June, we'll be back out in the parking lot and much easier to spot. Did you know it's a "producer only" market? No one can work their stand not having had a major hand in what they are selling. We'll have more than 40 vendors this summer.

    Glad you enjoyed the Cinnamon Bun! Have you tried our breads yet? We bake only with locally-milled, organic flours and other primarily local/organic ingredients. We're using some NY-grown wheat as well. Our mission is to support local farms and bring our community affordable, healthy, daily breads (and from-scratch baked goods). We'd be happy to make a sample loaf for you to try!

    There are 3 months left for our Community Supported Bakery shares - one share for 13 weeks (Feb through Apr) is $77.50 (double and triple shares available too). One share = one loaf of bread or one group of baked goods each week. We have pickups in Delmar & Albany on Wednesday nights (5-7pm). Please see our website for more info! www.allgoodbakers.weebly.com

    Welcome to Albany! You probably already know there is a rich and welcoming food community here, always nice to have one more added to the bunch.

    Britin & Nick