Postcard: Before you leave New Jersey...

I know. Every time you leave New Jersey you are crying too hard to imagine stopping for a nice meal. But if you can hold it in until you cross the Del Mem Bridge, then stop around Exit 8 off the Turnpike for brunch at The Blue Rooster.

This place is cozy. And yes, I mean small, but I also mean adorably squishy and cute, and you want to cuddle on the windowsill seat with a girlfriend and drink tea and eat sandwiches for hours, later picking out a cookie from one of their MANY delectable baked goods. The house was built in 1850! Their selection of teas is impressive, and if you're around for tea time you should definitely stop by.

My omelet was cheesy, tomatoey, and spinachy, and not the least bit dry. I could tell this cheese was the real thing because when you took a bite of omelet, you tasted CHEESE, not a flavorless gooeyness. The special pancakes of that day were grainy, wheaty, and all around delightful. But the best part was the jam...OH the jam. Basically, blueberries in their natural state doin' their thang (being awesome). By the end of breakfast I was eating the jam with a spoon, and I'm not ashamed. So whether it's baked, cooked, sauteed, flipped, brewed, or jammed, it's delicious at Blue Rooster. And you'll get a piece of chocolate before you leave :)

The Blue Rooster Bakery & Cafe
17 North Main Street
Cranbury, NJ 08512

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  1. Oooh. I want in on that in a big way. Yum!

    Miss you oodles.