Bayou Bakery NOT Coming to Clarendon

News from Metrocurean via Twitter (@metrocurean via the PR rep) says Bayou Bakery isn't opening in the old Murky spot, as we originally thought/hoped. The p'ship between the Lib Tav Folks and the Bayou folks dissolved. We know how that goes--under NY law, p'ships automatically terminate at the death or resignation of any partner, absent contrary agreement.


Anyway, Bayou Bakery is still going to open...somewhere else. And the Lib Tav crew will set something else (I have no clue what) in the Murky spot.

Sidenote, we had a really yum dinner at Restaurant 3 (or I guess 3 Bar & Grill?) last night--they lowered their prices a little, took the stick out of their patootie, and now they rock.

Not Sure What
3211 Wilson Blvd
Metro: Orange Line to Clarendon

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